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    Reminder that I, along with all other Tumblr users, are free to reblog and comment on any posts that were posted publicly as they are on a public blogging site.

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  2. spookmaster-general:

    Rape culture does exist in America, but it’s not out on the streets. It’s not in video games. It’s not a couple of assholes (both men and women) making rape jokes. It’s not a society-wide acceptance and support of rape against women.

    It’s in our prison systems. It’s in…


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    trans people taking testosterone need to drink orange juice cause testosterone weakens your immune system!! trans people taking estrogen need to drink milk cause estrogen causes calcium to be absorbed less

    since i’ve now seen this concern…


  4. vampireallison:

    okay so a big ass pesticide company -Syngenta- just peitioned to the U.S. got to let them increase their pesticide limit up another 40,000%, which is basically a death sentence for bees, so please please PLEASE if you can at least donate $1 to help them here?

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    So BMW has pulled its advertising from Gawker.com, which is incredible, but there are still a ton of other companies that haven’t. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list…


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    please give polysexuality representation i need to know my orientation is acceptable and legitimate

    people who aren’t poly: please please please reblog this. please spread the word.

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    Everyone has the right to their opinions but if you hate Kirby you are wrong.

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    Playing a jrpg and you’re overleveled


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    X-Men Unlimited #39

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